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You have to live with who you hire!

Hiring Employees.

This comes up all the time- who to hire? I have learned through experience, there are no bargains!!!!! 100% of the time when I hired a cheaper salary employee I was burned. 100% of the time when I paid extra I had success and 100% of the time when I paid average salary I received average output. I had a cheap new hire call me and tell me he got his shirt dirty after I told him you need to get your hands dirty as a figure of speech, can’t make that up. No, I don’t believe in overpaying employees but what is overpaying? Recognize that the company’s success depends on personnel, the customers talk to employees, the product must get there on time through employees. Many colleagues say, “can’t hire this person they are too expensive”….In some cases that’s true, but if the prospect is in the upper salary range of the position, go for it. Older potential candidates….Love them! You can’t teach experience, they are motivated and appreciate the opportunity. Also, they like to prove they still got it and they do! For the folks you have now, don’t undervalue existing employees. Everyone should share in the wins and learn from the losses. Employees are the oxygen that keeps your customers breathing!

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