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Customers Don’t Care (CDC) -no excuses-

In the real-world Customers Don’t Care about the Entrepreneur!

By now, most people know that 80% of new businesses fail.  Many of those failed Entrepreneurs failed to realize that Customers Don’t Care (CDC) about the Entrepreneur or their reason for doing things the wrong way or for the wrong reason.  Let’s look at what Customers Don’t Care about.


I hate my boss!

Customers Don’t Care that you started your business because you hated your boss and were sick of working for the man!  You won’t get one sympathy sale from a customer.   You better have a much better reason to start your business.



I have a family event to attend.

Your personal life and family are important to you but it’s never an excuse that your customers will accept.  You are no longer a person in your customer’s mind.  You are a business and are expected to perform every function on time with no acceptable excuses.


If you don’t buy from me I will go out of business.

What happens when your sales are down and you are heading to bankruptcy?  Customers won’t feel sorry for your business and buy your product to help you out.   They only care about the unique value of your product and if it’s priced accordingly.   Make sure you have a niche product/service and have it priced right!


I had a bad day!

Your car broke, your spouse left you, and your favorite sports team lost in the championship game.   Yes, you had a bad day but your customers still expect happy, energetic, and friendly service.   95% of customers will share a bad experience with other people.   You aren’t allowed a bad day at work.  The wrong attitude with a customer will end up in a bad day you will never forget!


It’s not my fault!

The shipping company didn’t deliver on time.  The manufacturer didn’t produce the product correctly.  The computer system glitched.  There are a million mistakes that are out of your control.  If it’s your business then it’s your fault.  Take responsibility and turn the negative into a positive.  When you are the one getting paid then all of the issues are your fault.


If you want to succeed as an Entrepreneur, you need to understand that Customers Don’t Care about your reasons, excuses, or circumstances.  They only care about what is important to them as a consumer.   You have to make sure your 3 pillars (You, Your Idea, and Your Ability to Execute)  are bulletproof and equally strong.