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Must play for the other team???

One of the best and most enjoyable exercises in my 20 years of entrepreneurship was simulating playing for the other team (2x per year). Here is how it works:

1. Assign subject matter expert (SME or yourself), most likely top sales members to simulate working for the competition. This person will act as being fired today and working for the competition tomorrow.

2. SME spends 1-2 days researching competitor product and prepares sales strategy and presentation.

3. Identify which employees will play the roles as customers.

Seasoned buyer – choose someone in your organization who has extensive industry knowledge.

Novice buyer – choose a person with little product and industry knowledge

4. SME runs a simulation for each buy type and tries to sell the competitors product.

Invite all key team members to watch sales presentation.

SME focuses on competitors strengths and our weaknesses

5. Round table review:
Rank action items based on importance, assign owners and due dates.If this drill is done properly, the results are phenomenal. SME’s truly understand your companies’ weaknesses and given a chance to exploit them can highlight the opportunities for improvement. 

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